Oriane 47 Gold

Oriane 47 Gold

Concert Grand Harp

Height:191 cm
Weight:40 kg
Range:47 strings, 00G to 7C · G00 - C45

maple (body), spruce (soundboard), beech (neck and base)


natural maple, 24-carat water gilding. Speciality finishes to order

The symbiosis of passion and perfection

The Oriane Concert Grand harp is entirely dedicated to musical perfection, offering concert artists an incomparably full, powerful sound. A seamless extension of the artist themselves, fully to voice their talent and love of music, the Oriane 47 is a rare pearl for the finest soloists. It is also a veritable work of art, carved and gilded by hand, and made of woods rigorously chosen for their extraordinary acoustic performance.

10 years warranty