After-Sales Service 

Camac guarantees the harp for ten years (for pedal harp) & five years (for lever harp) in case of faults in any parts. This is double the standard guarantee offered by other harp makers. 

Like every musical instrument, your harp should be serviced regularly. Camac’s after-sales service is widely recognized as being the best a harp manufacturer can possibly offer. This is why Camac organizes as many regulation tours as they possibly can, worldwide. In Singapore, regulation service has been organized every two years since 2004.

Between professional regulations for your pedal harp, you can adjust your pedal cables – improving your harp’s intonation – very easily yourself, using the rod tuner that came with your harp.

Harp regulations service in Singapore and Malaysia is organized bi-anually. Our next regulation service in Singapore and Malaysia will be in 2018.

Please email us to be kept updated about the next regulations.

Video guides

Harps are not without their logistical mysteries at the beginning. They have to be tuned, how to move them is not self-evident, strings have to be replaced – and your teacher, or your child’s teacher, cannot do all this for you every time. Our video guides will help you become au fait with all these issues.

String Charts and Technical Manuals

Our string charts help you work out which strings you need to order for your Camac harp. You can also download PDFs of the technical manuals for our pedal, electroacoustic and electric harps.

Pedal harp technical manual

Body harness manuel

Blue harp technical manual

Lever string chart

Electroharp technical manual

Pedal string chart