Unique qualities: pedal harps

  • Rich, clear and precise sound, of the sort associated with the fine French tradition of harp making since the era of Erard.
  • Ergonomic design of the harp, especially in the top register, which is more comfortable and spacious for the hands.
  • Camac’s pedal mechanism is unique. Traditionally-built harps use pedal rods, which can potentially snap. If one snaps, your harp is unusable until the technician has come to fix it! Camac uses a system of pedal cables, made from materials used in the aviation industry, which are in effect unbreakable. 
  • Regulation system: alongside their unique pedal mechanism, Camac  has designed an easy, do-it-yourself regulation system. The Camac rod tuner allows owners to check and make basic adjustments when there is no technician available. It also prolongs the longevity of the instrument by keeping the mechanism in good shape. The rod tuner is a fantastic innovation, essential for harpists today!
  • Accurate disc movement: special design for better intonation and minimal buzzes and noises from the mechanism.
  • Easy to move: Camac harps have roller wheels at the base, to assist in moving it around easily.
  • Pedal cushions: Traditional pedal felts are replaced with silicone cushions, which hardly wear out. They do not need replacing annually, in contrast to traditional pedal felts.

Unique qualities: lever harps

Camac levers

Camac harp levers are a true innovation for modern lever harps. Their unique design involves a rotating action of the lever handle, which results in a “linear” action of the pressing pin against the string (unlike a normal rotating action on the string).

This special feature means:

  • The sound of the string when the lever is engaged is closer to that of an open string, resulting in better overall tone quality.
  • The linear action of the pin against the string reduces friction, thus protecting the strings from wear and tear. It also makes a clean sound with no buzzing.

The material of the levers is made of nickel-coated brass. Special finishes are available. 

Lever harp strings

Camac lever harps are equipped with various different strings, to fit the needs of each individual harpist.

  • Nylon strings have lighter tension and a brighter sound
  • Gut strings have a similar tension to concert pedal harps, with a warm tone colour.
  • Alliance strings have a light tension and a warm tone. They are also durable, very suitable for our tropical climate. 

Proud owners of Camac harps

Proud owners of Camac Harps include top national orchestras and top school orchestras in Singapore and Malaysia:

Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO),
Singapore Armed Forced Bands (SAF),
National University of Singapore Orchestra (NUS),
Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA),
Anglo Chinese School (Independent),
Nanyang Girls’ High School,
National Technology University Orchestra (NTU)
Anglo Chinese Girls School Harp Ensemble (ACJC)
Sri Cempaka School (Malaysia)